Boeing, a huge company has one direct competitor, Airbus. These two major airline producers compete vigorously for increased market share in this often cut throat industry. Boeing is celebrating their 100th year anniversary this year so what does Airbus do? Watch this video and find out. 

What Airbus is doing is employing a strategy known as Blue Ocean marketing.

What does this have to do with schools? Marketing an international school is an important job for everyone involved with the institution. With the huge amount of competition in most markets, international schools need to take deliberate action about the message they send to others. Much like Airbus, schools need to think of new and different ways to market themselves and Blue Ocean might be the answer.

Blue Ocean marketing is when organizations focus on capturing uncontested and new market space. Red Ocean marketing focuses on competition in the existing market space by directly competing with others. Red Ocean looks at cost saving or differentiation while Blue Ocean focuses on doing both. With a focus of not just beating your competition but making them irrelevant, Blue Ocean strategy is all about thinking outside the box.

The main selling point with Blue Ocean marketing is the focus on creating demand where there currently is none. This can take different forms but the Three Tiers of Non-Customers diagram below helps to reflect on an organization and ways to expand its market.

For more information on this marketing strategy see their website.