Change is a sometimes scary and almost always a challenging prospect. Being able to scaffold change as a leader has been a large focus throughout this program and will continue to be an area to target in the future.

How do you successfully plan and implement change? There are several different models used in organizations that demonstrate careful planning and research.

  1. Kotter – John Kotter’s model for change focuses on helping institutionalize change and ensure that it continues. John Kotter is a renowned expert in implementing innovative practices effectively in organizations. His model can be used to great effect in schools, especially in a top-down change process. 
  2. Lewin’s Model of Change is a much simpler and more cyclical model to use within organizations. With only three stages, Lewin has helped simplify the change process. The relative straightforward nature of it makes it ideal for continual and widespread use.  

3. Fullan’s focus on change is slightly different but still helpful to review. Fullan believes that change begins with loving your employees. The term, “love” is sometimes difficult to wrap your head around with respect or admire as perhaps better words. Otherwise Fullan is about persistence and clarity to help ensure that change has the best chance possible to succeed.