What does clarity really mean?

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Understanding others and being understood is of utmost importance when it comes to ensuring a productive environment. We might eagerly accept this idea but what do you actively do to support clarity in your school? How are you ensuring that you understand others and that your students and other teachers are able to follow you? Is there institutional clarity at your school?

Clarity is a two-way streak. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are being as clear as possible and are asking for clarity when you are not sure. Without clarity, change and positive movement is difficult if not impossible. Before you can take action, you must be clear of purpose.

Throughout this program this idea of clarity came up often. While this is a huge topic there are several key ideas that stuck with me throughout regarding being clear and the importance of clarity within an organization.

  1. Mission, vision, goals and planning should clearly be understood by everyone involved. Do you know what your school’s mission and vision is?
  2. Simplicity helps with clarity. Use simple and powerful language to describe a big idea.
  3. Clarity generates confidence.
  4. Clarity leads to efficacy.
  5. Cultural differences lend themselves to confusion if not recognized and considered. International schools are a ripe environment for cultural confusion with the huge amount of students and families in our schools from around the world.  Actively consider this when planning and speaking with others.
  6. Understand who your audience is and plan accordingly.
  7. Aggressively reflect on your own actions and review for consistency and purposeful clarity.
  8. Practice being clear. It takes time to consider cultural, systematic and personal stumbling blocks to clarity.
  9. Thinking about personal heroes that demonstrate clarity effectively. What do they do?
  10. Community is established through clarity.
  11. Effective leaders can transform fear into positive action through clarity.
  12. By understanding a clear vantage point we can take decisive action. Clarity brings your vision to life.

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What did I miss? What are other benefits of clarity that help to make it such a worthwhile focal point for schools and leaders?