Authenticity in leadership is important. Really important. People can quickly see if a leader is disingenuous and then struggle to respect that person. What does this authenticity look like?

Taken from The Human Side of School Change by Robert Evans, we looked at a top ten list of what makes a leader authentic.

The Authentic Leader will:

  1. Act with integrity
  2. Encourage creativity and innovation
  3. Listen actively – restate, ask questions for more depth, eliminates value judgements
  4. Manage time and resources (things and people)
  5. Have patience and compassion- it is all about love (mutual respest)
  6. Value the members of the group
  7. Achieve Consensus
  8. Forego the ego
  9. Be trustworthy
  10. Communicate effectively

Another model breaks authenticity into 9 key areas. This list, 9 Personal Capacities of Authentic Leaders is from a very short read called The Lotus . This book guides leaders through authentic and effective engagement with others in a collaborative process with a goal of sustainability.

Both models focus on some similar areas but others are different. Which list do you think is better? Why?