In each course there are always moments on inspiration that strike but can be quickly stored away within our minds and hard to recall. This simple little sayings are often deeply profound, at least to me, and deserve to be organized in a way that will encourage there use. Beyond the change models and big ideas we discuss in class, these are the little saying or quips that can go under the radar.

The goal here is to place in Twitter format, in no particular order, some of those aha moments from our change courses before they slip away…

  1. Teachers teach from their deepest held, core values. Other people’s ideas about what is most important to promote can’t be easily adopted wholesale.
  2. As a leader look at, who is championing ideas at a school? These are the people to take action around and with.
  3. “Bring yourself on a plate” What three things would you bring to the table or show that would describe the level of learning and type of learning happening for students in your classroom/at this school?- cannot bring test scores
  4. Helping others find purpose is about showing them the purpose for why it is important to look at learning in a new way.
  5. Campaigns to convince don’t normally work. Crusades only made the Crusaders feel good.
  6. Meaning is rooted in feelings and experiences and if cumulative, grows more fixed over time
  7.  Two main types of changes:Technical Work1st Order change/transitional change 98% of changes you will go through fall into this category Adaptive Work- 2nd order change/transformational change
  8. “If you don’t do it like me, then it isn’t as good”- cultural forces at work
  9. We learn through shared cultural understandings- we connect with what we already know
  10. Who moved my cheese?  An allegory about change Video
  11. We often look at change assuming that the current position is static. Most of the time, this isn’t true.
  12. When change agents assume they have the right answers they can become as authoritarian as those who are staunchly defending the status quo.
  13. Choose the right drivers when looking at change
    Wrong Drivers Right Drivers
    Accountability Capacity Building
    Promoting individual solutions Group Solutions
    Technology Instruction
    Fragmented strategies Systemic Strategies

    What did I miss? Please comment or email with other aha moments about change that have been covered that are not to be forgotten!