Taking the time to do a masters degree is not something that I relished but felt was Why_is_a_Masters_Degree_Important_rev1important for my overall growth. Statistics and information like this infographic on the right seemed to make it obvious that I should just bite the bullet and do it. However, instead of just making a job focused decision I wanted to make sure that learning and modeling this learning was at the core of my reasoning.

The idea of the Endicott Masters program immediately made sense to me, spend time in person when possible with other teachers from the international world. The unique selling point of a blended online option that allowed for relationship building ultimately tipped the balance and I enrolled in this program.

Throughout my time in Bangkok and online I have found that I learned much and greatly enjoyed the process. Inthis website I am looking to highlight the most beneficial learning moments as well as highlighting on the, “aha” moments that define a worthwhile endeavor. It is those moments of inspiration that truly will stand out to me and are the areas that are best remembered in this website. There are sections relating to specific courses but also to conversations or topics that I would not have even considered before being exposed to the teachers and students in the program. Ultimately, these relationship based ideas are the most meaningful and are worth organizing in this

This website is not finished nor will ever be finished as in complete. My goal is to continue to update this website with impactful ideas that are shared with me. Your feedback and ideas are key to helping make this work! Please leave comments and questions that will help drive this goal forward.